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MYCURE Inc. is a young tech startup that is born to save lives. Composed of a lean team of dedicated software engineers, designers, and problem-solvers, MYCURE makes innovative solutions to solve everyday problems and make things easier for everyone through technology.

We believe that when great minds work together, greater ideas emerge. That’s why MYCURE diligently finds these kinds of people who can make big things happen.

At present, MYCURE invests in its IT expertise to grow a network of systems that is primarily focused on healthcare.

MYCURE aims to provide patients, doctors, clinic owners, and government health sectors the ability to securely store and retrieve health records anytime, anywhere. At its core is a powerful web-based clinic management system designed for physicians and outpatient services performed by individual practitioners, group practitioners, and multispecialty clinics.

Care the Extra Mile

We believe that even the small things can make a big difference. That extra mile of care that we put into our work can go a long way. Better yet, we may just be capable of leaving a lasting impact on this world for every extra mile we take.

That’s why we honor and support people who care the extra mile. They are the unsung heroes: the health workers and the likes who tirelessly work day and night. These are the people who are fully committed, meticulous, and incredibly dedicated to their craft and their work. While they simply view it as doing their job, we see them as people who regularly change and save lives for the better.

MYCURE commits itself to design and build innovative products powered by modern tech, created specifically for our good doctors. Building apps, innovating our products, and soon, modernizing the health industry—this is our mission. Designing and creating it all with love and passion? That’s our extra mile.


MYCURE’s mission is to save lives by providing innovative tech solutions for health facilities. By centralizing the way we organize and share health information, we make it all the more accessible and useful for doctors, patients, and healthcare organizations alike.


Our dynamic team will design a healthcare ecosystem that unites all healthcare organizations and facilities, all the while adapting to the rapidly changing technological environment.

Four Core Values


Little snippets and moments of life at MYCURE

2020 Vision

Our mission is our obsession.

If you want more than just a job, but rather a career where you grow and where you find meaning in accomplishing huge goals—if you want to be part of a grand mission, to go that extra mile, then MYCURE might just be the right fit for you.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs

We set the bar high in the quality of the people we get on board! We need talented people, but more importantly, we seek someone with a great attitude who will share our passion and our pursuits (no compromise!)

Positions Available:

We have full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities available. Feel free to send us a message at jobs@mycure.md for any questions or concerns.

💻 Hackers:
Senior Software Developers
Junior Software Developers

🎨 Creative Geeks: 
Graphic Artists
UI/UX Designers

🚀 Hustlers:
Business Development Manager
Sales & Marketing
Product Managers

😄 Happiness Agents: 
Account Managers
Customer Support Representatives

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